Monday 28 May 2012

Fitted Kitchens Glasgow

In recent years one of the 3 most popular projects in home improvements has been the re-modelling of the kitchen. Apart from being a functional room for culinary skills the kitchen is also a social place to have coffee with friends and neighbours and to spend time with the family at breakfast or other mealtimes. Dining rooms tend to be used more for special occasions and dinner parties nowadays.
There is usually one design flaw or another in older kitchens that with some imagination and expertise can be corrected to allow more space for storage or worktop area. However, the most difficult kitchens to remodel are the small ones.

If your budget is limited you may feel restricted in what you can do but there are many options available in the marketplace at an affordable price that can transform your old kitchen into a superb, energy efficient and attractive social hub for all the family.

Domestic Appliances
Stainless steel appliances not only look good but are the appliances of choice in catering kitchens. They are available in brushed, normal or manufactured with a stainless steel appearance. These domestic appliances will change the entire appearance of any kitchen and having been available for some years the prices have reduced dramatically.
As technology has progressed most modern domestic appliances are manufactured with energy efficiency priority. Many models not only look good but will also save you significant money on fuel bills.

Built in ovens, microwaves, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers make the most of the space available together with storage cupboards for the smaller kitchen gadgetry that can often be found on worktops.

Kitchen Cabinets and Storage Space

If design is not your strong point, you should try to use the design services of your supplier of fitted kitchens because more often than not they free. It is quite staggering how a good designer can fit many more cupboards into a small space than you imagined were possible. A professional fitted kitchens designer will make sure that there is sufficient space in a cabinet for plates and other crockery as near as possible or next to your dishwasher alleviating the necessity for you to walk more distance than you have to.
A cabinet with sliding shelves and drawers next to the oven will afford easy access to pots and pans, tea cloths, oven gloves and other utensils whilst keeping them out of sight. Built in capacity to store vegetables and bread is also a better than having these items in baskets or bread bins on the work surfaces.

Kitchen Lighting
The use of halogen lighting and other lights positioned on the underside of the top kitchen units will make the kitchen space look bigger and more inviting.

Where to Buy

It is often considered that going to a kitchen showroom in the UK that has a sale on will bag you a bargain, but these sales tend to be on all of the time which makes one wonder whether they are selling kitchens and appliances that were over priced in the first place.
Using a local fitted kitchens supplier can often be very cost effective; and if you inadvertently damage something you know that they are just around the corner so more likely to fix it quickly, as opposed to a national firm that might take months to get round to doing a small job. For example, if you live in Glasgow and want a fitted kitchen, why would you order it from a company based in London?

A little research on the internet for fitted kitchen suppliers in your area is well worth the effort because the small suppliers will often go the extra mile to service your requirements and with a friendly personal touch.

Donald Patrick is the owner of the Akwa Plumb Group of Companies and is based in Glasgow.
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