Tuesday 5 November 2013

Removals Edinburgh

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you'll do in  your life. Please, take it from me it's stressful. Firstly you have to organise all your fragile glass, crockery, lights etc etc. Then you have to bubble wrap all your possessions, label them and then finally box them up. Nightmare yeh!

Well actually NO! It doesn't have to be this way. If you live in Edinburgh there is one removal company that will do all this for you. This removal company is Forth Movers. They will pack everything up safely and securely and even store your furniture at their secure storage unit on the Southside of Edinburgh.

Forth Movers are a family run business that have been in the removals industry for over 40 years. They have literally thousands of genuine testimonials, many of which can be found on their website. Forth Movers are members of the National Guild of Removers and have won many accolades with the Guild. They really do take the stress out of moving.

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Builders Glasgow

In times of economic uncertainty, with all of us trying to cut back on what we spend, it may be that you don’t want to spend too much money on extensions, renovations, alterations and electrical work but it is worth considering that all of these jobs will ultimately enhance the value of your property.

The housing market is pretty stagnant at the moment so adding an extension will not only provide you with more space but the extra space might be the difference between selling your property or not. Now is not a good time for selling property so if you love where you live and are not considering selling, some renovation work, alterations or an extension might be just what you need to make your home more spacious or comfortable.

Scottish Building Services have a track record built up over many years of providing excellent quality work for a very fair price.
Their experienced, qualified builders can create perfect extensions both in build quality and aesthetic appeal, matching the existing appearance of your home so that your extension blends in as an exact match.

Working throughout the Strathaven, Hamilton, Glasgow, East Kilbride, Newton Mearns, Giffnock, Barrhead and Clarkston areas, we have a strong team of all trades builders as well as qualified electricians and plumbers.

Their Builders in Glasgow can add a matching roof or a flat roof depending on your requirements to your extension or as part of renovation or alteration works.

Monday 14 January 2013

Feng Shui your fitted kitchen

The Edinburgh Kitchen Company are aware that their customers will have many design requirements and a Feng Shui layout is fast becoming a popular choice.
The colour scheme:  Never opt for colours which represent Fire Elements such as pink, purple or red as these will fuel arguments and a discord of harmony.  Instead choose plenty of cool white shades, light greens, blues and beige.  This is a popular colour choice for many fitted kitchen designs in the Edinburgh region.
Blending materials:  Feng Shui is made up of five metals consisting of Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Wood.  The kitchen uses a combination of both water and fire but these elements should never be placed together.  For example, the sink, fridge, freezer, dishwasher or washing machine should never be positioned alongside or opposite the cooker.  If you have no choice but to do so, use a set of wooden spoons or a chopping board (anything wooden) to separate the two features.  
Cooking on gas:  Nothing can express the full energy of fire as a gas flame… Every day the sun nourishes our homes with its energetic rhythm known as Chi and a gas flame emanates the heat of that sun.  Install a gas cooker and not only will your meals taste better but after just ten days of cooking on gas you will notice a greater increase of Chi plus all cooked meals will taste just that little bit better.
Ensure that all work surfaces have rounded edges as sharp corners can cause tension and the dining area should be positioned away from the microwave or toaster as this will cause emotional upset between family members.   
Now, with your newly fitted kitchen assembled Feng Shui style there is no reason why you should not be cooking up a banquet every single day!

Fitted Kitchens Glasgow…How to outwit the dreaded salesperson

Whilst there are many experienced kitchen fitters in the Edinburgh region, there are many who will fail to meet their customer’s expectations.  We all know of a family member or friend who has been less than impressed with a dream kitchen that turned into a nightmare.  Kitchen fitters are unregulated which means that customer’s must safeguard themselves against disappointment and a loss of money.
There are kitchen fitters in the Edinburgh area and throughout the UK who offer a Ten Year Guarantee:  I defy anyone to browse through a 2009 edition of the Yellow Pages and not find an advertisement from a kitchen company offering such a promise.  Upon further investigation it will become evident that the company no longer exists in 2013. Therefore, it is vital to check how long a company has been running before signing on the dotted line.   The longer they have been in business the more chance you have of that guarantee being honoured.
Any good kitchen fitter will be proud to show off his testimonials and allow you to inspect his ‘thank you’ letters, cards or emails.  If this proof of satisfaction is shown in email form, ask if you can view a recent installation.
Companies such as The Edinburgh Kitchen Company do not draw in  customers by offering one time sales offers or huge sales cuts so do not be forced into buying a kitchen simply because the salesperson leads you to believe that you have a once in a lifetime bargain.  More often than not, these discounts will continue to pop up month in month out.
Ensure that the company you chose has its own fitters for both the cabinets and appliances.  Never be talked into purchasing from someone who asks you to pay separately for this service as the kitchen fitter will most likely blame the kitchen company when something goes wrong and vice versa.  This means that you may never have your alterations or problems rectified.

The benefits of choosing a kitchen fitter in Glasgow

Something magical happens when you choose a kitchen fitter in Edinburgh…that Scottish pride tends to emanate throughout your cuisine as it stirs the senses and satisfies the soul.
Whether your needs are fairly straightforward or you have specific requirements, the aim to please is evident in every fitted cupboard, drawer and worktop.  This means that you end up with a kitchen that beckons you to cook up some wonderful meals.
A kitchen fitter in Edinburgh will turn a drab kitchen that just about suits your needs into one which has you gliding from oven to fridge to sink with the greatest of ease. Take advantage of the assistance offered when choosing designs as they need to fit into the size and shape of your room.  Complement this with your chosen materials and colours and your fitted kitchen will not only be highly practical, it will also be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Obtain quotes from two or three kitchen fitters in the Edinburgh region before making your final decision…remember you are not under any obligation to accept quotes so shop around for your kitchen fitter in the same way as you would for a new sofa or bed.  This gives you the freedom to compare prices and choose someone who most understands your needs both financially and creatively.  
The Edinburgh Kitchen Company can be found in the heart of Edinburgh…they base each and every quote upon layout, design, the number of appliances that are required along with any extras included in the makeover.  Not only will your kitchen raise an eyebrow when it is fully fitted and complete, the final cost will also raise a smile or two as they are rarely beaten by their competitors.

The old and the new…

When it comes to fitted kitchens, people normally have an idea as to whether they would like an ultra- modern design or something more traditional but if you want something a little different why not blend the past with modern day elegance?
Although many prefer to live in the present and leave the past behind the retro look is far from outdated. Glancing through some of the electrical stores in Glasgow, it is easy to spot modern day versions of old-fashioned kettles, microwaves, teapots etc.,  All exuding the essence of yesteryear but running with modern day efficiency.
Flooring:  Create that Olde World feel with a slate floor as a beautiful and stunning feature.  Blend it with slick modern day kitchen cupboards and your kitchen fitter will be inundated with new customers wanted to combine the old with the new!
Work Surfaces:  Emanate the essence of the past by having solid wood surfaces fitted in place of laminate.  Not only is wood extremely durable, it is also environmentally friendly if you opt for timber which has been recycled.
Cupboards:  Kitchen cupboards are the soul of a fitted kitchen and can hide or emphasise according to your requirements.  Create a traditional style but use modern day white goods and hide them behind cupboards which have that dated look.
Electrical Appliances:  Retro-themed refrigerators, washing machines and even a traditional range will all add to the aire of days gone by and blend perfectly with modern day fitted kitchens. 
Gadgets:  The finishes touches can be achieved according to your budget.  Visit car boot sales or antique shops to pick up copper pans, pestle and mortars and even old fashioned jelly moulds for decorative charm.
Browsing through the many designs at Akwa Plumb kitchens it is easy to see how the past can be blended with the present to create an unusual and versatile look which will yield complements from both the younger generation and the older one too!