Monday 14 January 2013

The old and the new…

When it comes to fitted kitchens, people normally have an idea as to whether they would like an ultra- modern design or something more traditional but if you want something a little different why not blend the past with modern day elegance?
Although many prefer to live in the present and leave the past behind the retro look is far from outdated. Glancing through some of the electrical stores in Glasgow, it is easy to spot modern day versions of old-fashioned kettles, microwaves, teapots etc.,  All exuding the essence of yesteryear but running with modern day efficiency.
Flooring:  Create that Olde World feel with a slate floor as a beautiful and stunning feature.  Blend it with slick modern day kitchen cupboards and your kitchen fitter will be inundated with new customers wanted to combine the old with the new!
Work Surfaces:  Emanate the essence of the past by having solid wood surfaces fitted in place of laminate.  Not only is wood extremely durable, it is also environmentally friendly if you opt for timber which has been recycled.
Cupboards:  Kitchen cupboards are the soul of a fitted kitchen and can hide or emphasise according to your requirements.  Create a traditional style but use modern day white goods and hide them behind cupboards which have that dated look.
Electrical Appliances:  Retro-themed refrigerators, washing machines and even a traditional range will all add to the aire of days gone by and blend perfectly with modern day fitted kitchens. 
Gadgets:  The finishes touches can be achieved according to your budget.  Visit car boot sales or antique shops to pick up copper pans, pestle and mortars and even old fashioned jelly moulds for decorative charm.
Browsing through the many designs at Akwa Plumb kitchens it is easy to see how the past can be blended with the present to create an unusual and versatile look which will yield complements from both the younger generation and the older one too!

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