Monday, 14 January 2013

Feng Shui your fitted kitchen

The Edinburgh Kitchen Company are aware that their customers will have many design requirements and a Feng Shui layout is fast becoming a popular choice.
The colour scheme:  Never opt for colours which represent Fire Elements such as pink, purple or red as these will fuel arguments and a discord of harmony.  Instead choose plenty of cool white shades, light greens, blues and beige.  This is a popular colour choice for many fitted kitchen designs in the Edinburgh region.
Blending materials:  Feng Shui is made up of five metals consisting of Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Wood.  The kitchen uses a combination of both water and fire but these elements should never be placed together.  For example, the sink, fridge, freezer, dishwasher or washing machine should never be positioned alongside or opposite the cooker.  If you have no choice but to do so, use a set of wooden spoons or a chopping board (anything wooden) to separate the two features.  
Cooking on gas:  Nothing can express the full energy of fire as a gas flame… Every day the sun nourishes our homes with its energetic rhythm known as Chi and a gas flame emanates the heat of that sun.  Install a gas cooker and not only will your meals taste better but after just ten days of cooking on gas you will notice a greater increase of Chi plus all cooked meals will taste just that little bit better.
Ensure that all work surfaces have rounded edges as sharp corners can cause tension and the dining area should be positioned away from the microwave or toaster as this will cause emotional upset between family members.   
Now, with your newly fitted kitchen assembled Feng Shui style there is no reason why you should not be cooking up a banquet every single day!

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