Monday 14 January 2013

Fitted Kitchens Glasgow…How to outwit the dreaded salesperson

Whilst there are many experienced kitchen fitters in the Edinburgh region, there are many who will fail to meet their customer’s expectations.  We all know of a family member or friend who has been less than impressed with a dream kitchen that turned into a nightmare.  Kitchen fitters are unregulated which means that customer’s must safeguard themselves against disappointment and a loss of money.
There are kitchen fitters in the Edinburgh area and throughout the UK who offer a Ten Year Guarantee:  I defy anyone to browse through a 2009 edition of the Yellow Pages and not find an advertisement from a kitchen company offering such a promise.  Upon further investigation it will become evident that the company no longer exists in 2013. Therefore, it is vital to check how long a company has been running before signing on the dotted line.   The longer they have been in business the more chance you have of that guarantee being honoured.
Any good kitchen fitter will be proud to show off his testimonials and allow you to inspect his ‘thank you’ letters, cards or emails.  If this proof of satisfaction is shown in email form, ask if you can view a recent installation.
Companies such as The Edinburgh Kitchen Company do not draw in  customers by offering one time sales offers or huge sales cuts so do not be forced into buying a kitchen simply because the salesperson leads you to believe that you have a once in a lifetime bargain.  More often than not, these discounts will continue to pop up month in month out.
Ensure that the company you chose has its own fitters for both the cabinets and appliances.  Never be talked into purchasing from someone who asks you to pay separately for this service as the kitchen fitter will most likely blame the kitchen company when something goes wrong and vice versa.  This means that you may never have your alterations or problems rectified.

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