Monday 19 October 2015

Get squirrels, rats and birds out your loft / attic

Get squirrels out your loft / attic

Are you hearing noises in your loft. This maybe a sound of tiny footsteps or a scratching sound. For sure you have an issue with some form of wildlife in your loft. This maybe in the form of a Squirrel or a bird that nesting or even a mouse or rat!

If ignored this can be very costly as these little rodents can create a big mess and chew electrical cables which is a potential fire risk. Any noise should be investigated immediately. The visible signs of wildlife habitation, commonly comes in the form of droppings. If you think you have uninvited guests call your local and trusted pest control company and don't try and remove the rodents yourself as they may carry horrible bugs and diseases.

Acting quickly will also reduce the risk of these creatures from breeding, which for obvious reasons you don't want to happen!

The use of professional pest control services will not only irradiate the problem but they will find the cause of the problem and entry points of which the animals entered and suggest how to stop them from re-entering your loft space in future. This maybe a very cost effective solution, like placing chicken wire around your eaves to stop birds and squirrels from entering.

It is important to note that it is an offence to release grey squirrels back into the wild, once caught in a cage, they must be destroyed humanely. In contrast, red squirrels must be released into the wild.

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